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A Greek winter

Tasos Pafralides and his sister Evdokia run a business selling heating oil to their fellow citizens in Thessaloniki. With the crisis ever deepening, fewer and fewer Greeks can afford to buy oil and keep themselves warm. Therefore Tasos and Evdokia face a sharp dilemma every day: should they really refuse heating oil to people who don’t have the money, leaving them in the cold?As their customers struggle to make ends meet, Tasos and Evdokia strugle to keep their business going. In their daily encounters and in the whole of Greek society, relationships between people are at stake. How or cold can ties between people be when a deep crisis forces everyone to fend for themselves?

58 and 70 minuten, IKONDocs / Eenvandejongens
World Premiere International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam (IDFA), 2016
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2017 (Greece), Goteborg International Film Festival 2017 (Sweden), Docpoint 2017 (Finland), Festival du Film et Forum International sur les Droits Humains 2017 (Switserland), Nederlands Film Festival 2017, selection Gouden Kalf competition (Netherlands)