Climate rebels at the Netherlands’ Film Festival

‘Climate Rebels’ is selected for the competition for the ‘Gouden Kalf’ for short documentary at the Netherlands Film Festival, 21-30 September 2022.

The vanishing legal aid

Documentary on the work of the expert lawyers providing legal aid for people who otherwise couldn’t afford to pay for representation. A proposed new legal aid system would privatise the legal help and will leave the many clients of the specialised lawyers at the mercy of ‘the market’. In production.

BR-163: the Soy Highway in development

The state of Pará lies in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon. It is a rugged, still partially ‘unexplored’ state, from which little news reaches the Brazilian urban world, let alone the outside world. This heart is increasingly pierced by a road, meant for the transport of tons of soy to the Atlantic coast for foreign export.